Frying the samoosa

Savouries and sweets bakerWant the perfect, crispy samoosa?

How to fry the perfect cheese and corn samoosa!

It figures that a samoosa that’s been prepared well will be crispy, firm on the outside and well drained. Its always best to fry on medium heat to achieve a crisp outer pastry. When the heat is turned up high, the samoosa will brown quickly on the outside and when cool will be soft.

How to fry the perfect cheese-and-corn-samoosa

How to fry the perfect cheese-and-corn-samoosa

The cheese and corn samoosa comes with its own set of challenges. This samoosa has to be cooked on medium heat. When the cheese and corn samoosa is cooked on high heat, they tend to ooze cheese from the corners or burst open. Don’t wait too long for the samoosa to turn brown, rather remove early and have a lighter brown samoosa than one that drips with melted cheese. Take care when preparing the cheese and corn variety and make sure that is is served right away. Tastes great but requires a little experience to prepare.

Our preference is Cheddar cheese and not processed cheese. The flavour is powerful, the cheese, corn and herbs work well together. We always get great results with pure sunflower oil. When warming a cooked samoosa that has gone cold, in a microwave oven, we found that using the auto-drefrost option keeps the samoosa crisp.






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